Not long ago my sister brought this beautiful american walnut slab back from a vacation in the Adirondacks for me. It was such a nice gift I didn't have the heart to tell her i had about 15 drying in the barn. I've finally pulled it out and am so excited picturing the table that will soon be created!! I still haven't decided on a top or bottom. Feel free to contact me on facebook or my e-mail and give me your thoughts. I believe I could be swayed either way. 

 What's New in the Woodshop?
  This page shows project I'm currently working on that will be available for sale in The Corner Store.  Check back often to see the progress.

Custom Cabinetry and Furniture in Rochester, N.Y.

Recently, I had a client ask for this end table. I built the first one about 13 years ago. This time I needed to design a matching coffee table. I figured "Why make one set when I can make three?"  Two will be available at the corner store. Although they will all be basically the same design, they will surely be unique to themselves. Please check back and hopefully you'll enjoy their progress as much as we do. 

P.S. Just a little tease. Wait until you see whats going in the top!!!

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