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This is one of my FAVORITES !!!!  

For years, I had much of my wood milled by a local sawyer.  One day, while checking on some hickory I had left there - he asked if I could help pull some oak off the mill and sticker it (aka stack it) for him.  Of course I said yes.  Half way through the milling the log (it was a 3 ft. diameter log), thousands of black carpenter ants started pouring out !!!     I hate ants !!!  As they ran up my my arms, into my gloves, and on my pant legs - all I could think of was "I can't scream like a little girl, their's too many guys around !!!".  As the sawyer complained the "wood was no good", I asked what he was going to do with it.  He responded "Burn it !!!".  I volunteered to take it off his hands which he immediately accepted.  I stored it in a covered shed outside until I knew it was bug free (which took about 2 years) before I moved it into my shop.  There it was stored for about 7 years until the right project came along.

The result - a beautiful piece of furniture with all the natural characteristics of the wood - worm holes, discoloration, and the all the "damage" nature left behind.  

The Moral of the Story - One person's "no good wood" is someone else's beautiful piece of furniture.

Custom Cabinetry and Furniture in Rochester, NY

Custom Oak Armoire - notice the natural wood grain.  Sometimes I build things for clients in my shop that I actually don't get to see installed in the room they were designed for.  This is an example.

Custom Cabinetry and Furniture in Rochester, NY

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 Furniture and Cabinets

 When you walk into a room in your house - what do you want your furniture to say?           

The furniture in your house should be something that makes you want to come home.

Custom Cabinetry and Furniture in Rochester, N.Y.

Custom Cherry built-in bookcase.  Unfortunately - the owners moved everything into it before I could get take pictures.  Hmmm - I guess that's a good thing.

This coffee table is made of Spalted Maple with hand-turned Ash legs.  An Ipe spline holds the bread board ends in place. The finish is a  satin nitrocellulose lacquer so it is extremely durable. You can set hot or cold drinks on it and not damage the finish.  Soft -close Accuride Glides allow the drawer to open and close smoothly.  Inspiration can be found anywhere ..... like in a box of old casters?  I threaded the ends of two antique iron casters to use as drawer pulls adding a whimsical touch.  I guess it does pay to save everything!!!

         A solid cherry corner cabinet