Coates Cabinetry & Woodworking

"Custom Cabinetry, Furniture, & Woodworking" in Rochester, N.Y.

A Little About Me

Woodworking and cabinetry started as a hobby for me 30 years ago in the basement of my apartment.  The more

I learned and honed my skills, the more tools I needed and the bigger the pieces got.

It was time to buy a house where the garage became my workshop.

As time went on, the projects got bigger and the tools got more expensive. soon enough i outgrew my garage and needed more space. So my current facility - a 2600 square foot wood shop - was built to accommodate my need to build kitchen cabinets and furniture for my growing business.

Although I've been building furniture, cabinets, decks, etc. part time for the past 25 years - the last 9 years I've been the lead carpenter for a local company. 

In July 2015, I decided it was time to recommit to what has always been my real passion - to design and build high quality, custom wood creations - cabinets, decks, and interior & exterior furniture along with any special requests.

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      Steve M. Coates